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March 14, 2009


David Frederick

The Ville is going all the way!!! #1 seed overall. GO CARDS!

Marc Hall

Why such hatred for Duke??? It is just like Notre Dame football...they go so much attention (I admit...a little too much at times) people either love them or hate them. In any case...I think it is a little much to say that they stink. You have to admit that Duke, Coach K, and the program are good! You may not like them but they are good!

My 5 times...

Louisville - a little scared to have them go far. They have not been playing well...Yes...they won the Big East but by beating who?

Pitt - I just like the way they play

MSU - I like Izzo. I want him to make it to the final four again.

Memphis - Every year I say they do not play anyone and they are in a weak conference but every year they seem to go deep in the tournament.

Uconn - they have been at the top for most of the year.

Watch out for UNC. No one is talking about them b/c of the Big East love. They went through the ACC tournament without one of their starters. Yes...I may not like TH but...man...he (and others) crash the boards hard!!

Heart pick...I would like to see Purdue make it to the sweet 16. I am not sure if it is likely but I think it would be great experience for that YOUNG team. I love what Painter is doing there.

Marc Hall

Next time I will proof read before I post. Sorry for some of the mishaps!!

Keith Comp

I love the passion man...you have to remember, I'm a UK fan...I'm already bitter! Plus, if you cheer for UK, you must dislike Duke with everything you have.

Brett Cadwell

Hansbrough was a unanimous selection for the 2006, 2007, and 2008 Atlantic Coast Conference All Conference Team, 2006 ACC Freshman of the Year, and 2008 ACC Conference Player of the Year. Hansbrough has also been awarded the 2008 Sports Illustrated and Sporting News National Player of the Year award, the latter of which qualifies him to have his number 50 retired by the University of North Carolina.

You don't earn those awards by flopping...

Keith Comp

Laughing....too...hard....to...retort!!!! Let's just say he could have been a better player if Pat Summit would have coached him!

Marc Hall

Sorry Brett....you can pull a 10 lbs bass out of a lake in a fishing tournament and it might when you an award....but it still flops!!!

I do compair him to Christian Laettner as well...good college player but I do not think he will be an efficient pro player.

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